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This is the half of the 2 Part Podcast where we focus on Science, Gadgets and Film News Here is the line up for this weeks episode 02:05 Samsung Galaxy S8 04:33 New Way To Print On Paper 06:50 Sony Smartphone Camera 1,000FPS 09:03 LED Fretboard 14:05 Uber Flying Cars 17:45 23 Guidelines for A.I. 23:52 Tony's Comment of the Week 25:44 Unbreakable Sequel 34:03 Star Wars Snoke The Last Jedi 44:25 Old Man Carl (Spoilers) To Find out more about the getTektGeeks go to getTekt.com You Can also find our weekly getTekt Show in audio form at http://gettekt.podbean.com/ Thank You for watching and don't forget to hit that Subscribe Button


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