PAX East interview with the Developer of In the Shadows

At PAX east we came across a great side scrolling puzzle solving game called In the Shadows.


In The Shadows is a 2D puzzle platformer game where you use lights to scare away shadows creatures that transform into everyday objects you can use to your own advantage.. In the night everyday objects become alive and apparently dangerous, but when the lights are turned on they might help you go through difficult situations. It is a story about fears and comfort, where a man fall back to his childhood fantasy world and confront his fears.


In The Shadows is currently being developed by a single person using Unity Engine. The game environement is build in 3D using optimized voxel mesh made using Qubicle, characters and other small elements are simple 2D sprites. The voxels environement are then relit in the scene in 3D and use the light as a mechanic for the game.


Multiple fantastic worlds to explore. Different monsters with each their own mechanics. 45 Levels to explore with challenging puzzles to solve. Hidden levels and secrets to uncover! Colorful environments with real time lighting! Beautiful instrumental music crafted for the game. A deep emotional story about fears and comfort. Xbox 360, Xbox One Controller support on Steam

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