*Giveaway!* Orwell: Indie Initiative Episode #6 Indie Game Review *100 subscriber Orwell giveaway!*

In this weeks episode of Indie Initiative getTekt plays Orwell, where the player plays the role of a state operative and monitors surveillance to find national security threats. Can Q and Bazinga solve the first case? Watch and find out!! Check out our other content! Like, Comment , and Subscribe! Check out Osmotic Studios here! http://www.osmotic-studios.de/ Check out Surprise Attack Games here! http://www.surpriseattackgames.com/ Buy Orwell on steam here! http://store.steampowered.com/app/491... We want to thank you our subscribers! You guys are awesome!! If you want to win a copy of Orwell, or a copy of Hacknet on steam, (an upcoming Indie Initiative Episode) just leave a comment on this video. Once we hit 100 subscribers we will choose our favorite comment as the winner! Thanks for watching! for more things getTekt go to getTekt.com


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